our mission

We teach dance and provide students with the resources to achieve any of their goals through a passion for learning.


dance education

PUSH provides age appropriate developmental learning of dance which will contribute to the overall physical and mental well-being of all students. Students will attain an ability to demonstrate various techniques with modern dance as their primary foundation. Dance contributes to the achievement of students by using visual, audio, and kinesthetic modalities, a powerful tool to provide an overall healthy activity. Students also learn to identify personal and interpersonal skills through dance to work respectfully, cooperatively, and safely with each other.

Classes are located at the African American Art & Culture Complex, 762 Fulton Avenue in San Francisco.

Primary Curriculum for ages 3-21

• Modern\Contemporary

• Ballet, Pre-Ballet and Pointe

• Jazz and Hip Hop

• Acrobatics and Tap

• Yoga and Somatics

• African and Afro Caribbean


Junior Ensemble: The Junior Ensemble (12-21) is an elite intensive training program for aspiring young dancers to become tomorrow’s professional artists. Grounded in mastering the core techniques needed to acquire performance artistry, this audition-based program expands each student’s caliber of technical skill. To that end, students who graduate from the ensemble are prepared to pursue their passion for dance in a university or professional setting.


Secondary Open Program for Teens & Adults

• Modern\Contemporary

• Repertory

• Jazz and Hip Hop

• Yoga and Somatics

• Zumba and Fitness




Tuition Rates vary based on the program training and are competitively priced to ensure teaching artists are fairly compensated. Please note: Neighborhood Discounts for Western Addition residents. Scholarships are available for Children’s and Pre-Professional programs.


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