for educators 


Community engagement is led by Push Dance Company. The primary focus is to associate learning & moving our bodies with fun. Key goals of the program are the 3 C’s:

Create a positive outlet of expression through critical-thinking
Collaborate with diverse communities to build social imagination
Cultivate values of self-actualization to empower confidence in each student


For High Schools through Universities and Conservatories
This is an exciting program to foster artistic exchange and explore timely societal issues. Comprised of master classes and guest choreography, each pupil takes on meaningful dance education to become socially aware contributors to their communities and surroundings.



For Pre-Schools through Elementary and Middle Schools
The Dance Education & Literacy Program offers a 5-10 week well-rounded curriculum designed to nurture development based on a child’s physical and cognitive abilities. Within a safe, friendly, and nurturing environment children will learn dance basics in addition to the fundamentals (reading, writing & language arts) of literacy-building.