Raissa Simpson’s PUSH Dance Company Builds Vibrant Contemporary Dances To Gain A Deeper Understanding Of The Challenges Attributed To Mixed Heritage.


In Conversation with Kitty Conlon

PUSH Dance Company is proud to present choreography by Kitty Conlon on September 20-22, 2019 for PUSHfest Program D at ODC Theater in San Francisco. 


Tell us a little bit about your dance background.
“Kitty Conlon” was born on stage in 1990. I grew up studying ballet in different parts of the US and Ecuador, and earned my master’s degree in dance education from New York University in 2017. I presented my first public work in Berkeley shortly after I began teaching in 2013, and have performed as a guest artist with ODC/Dance (along with my dogs), Moment in Time Dance Company, and Emote Dance Theater.

What can audiences look forward to seeing in your work at PUSHfest
Live music by the award-winning Ricky Berger and a diverse cast of dancers

Photo by PCLonny Meyer

What are the major sources of inspiration for your choreography
Marsha Linehan’s concept of ‘finding meaning’ and Ricky Berger’s hauntingly beautiful lyrics.

If you hadn’t chosen this career, what might you have been doing in your life?
I worked as a chemist for some time after graduating from college. I might still be doing that or serving as a Peace Corps volunteer.

What advice would you pass on to an aspiring choreographer?
It helps me to arrive to rehearsal prepared, take breaks when I need them, and solicit feedback from a trusted mentor and peers.

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