Raissa Simpson’s PUSH Dance Company Builds Vibrant Contemporary Dances To Gain A Deeper Understanding Of The Challenges Attributed To Mixed Heritage.


In Conversation with Martha L Z Pamintuan & Kao Vey Sebastian Saephanh

PUSH Dance Company is proud to present choreography by Martha L Z Pamintuan & Kao Vey Sebastian Saephanh on September 29-30, 2018 for PUSHfest Program B at ODC Theater in San Francisco. 


Tell us a little bit about your dance background.

LV Dance Collective is a Contemporary Fusion Bay Area-based performance company, under the Artistic Direction of founders/choreographers Kao Vey Sebastian Saephanh and Martha Z. Pamintuan. LVDC uses movement to inspire, communicate, overcome, and educate. While focusing on creating vulnerable works that share truth LVDC strives in the health of the mind, body, and soul through various creative initiatives including movement exploration, workshops, classes, and collaboration. Through movement one can do anything.

What can audiences look forward to seeing in your work at PUSHfest?

Audience members will experience a piece titled, “His Story,” a work choreographed by Kao Vey Sebastian Saephanh and Martha L. Z. Pamintuan, as part of LVDC’s 4th home season production which premiered in the Summer of 2017 at Dance Mission Theater.

What are the major sources of inspiration for your choreography?

“His Story,” is a work depicting the homeless population that continues to grow in SF. The piece particularly focuses on the thoughts one has when one walks by a homeless individual and ones initial negative judgment about homelessness? Looking from the outside in do we ever wonder and care about their real story and how they became homeless?

If you hadn’t chosen this career, what might you have been doing in your life?

In this lifetime, I’ve been able to have two careers: Hairstylist and Dance Artist.  I am thankful to find two passions. A possible alternate career would be a singer/songwriter due to my passion for inspirational quotes and spirituality.

Pamintuan- Outside of being a dance artist my background extends to: fitness, aquatics, administration/management, teaching, and coaching. If I would not have chosen dance as a career I am confident that my life would have led me to be in a creative field, teaching, and or active in my community.

What advice would you pass on to an aspiring choreographer?

One of our favorite quotes is from Albert Einstein, “The only real valuable thing is your intuition.” Our advice to young choreographers is simply to always follow your gut instincts and your intuition, everything doesn’t always work the way you imagine it. And, finally, there are no mistakes in art.

Learn more: www.lvdancecollective.com