Raissa Simpson’s PUSH Dance Company Builds Vibrant Contemporary Dances To Gain A Deeper Understanding Of The Challenges Attributed To Mixed Heritage.

PUSH for Campaign launches

PUSH Dance Company launches the PUSH for Campaign, an impact fund for Black dance in the Bay Area.

PUSH has launched an impact fund for Black dance in the Bay Area

Dance has become the language of protest in 2020. From protesting for Black lives by dancing in the streets to using dance as a form of healing from our collective trauma, we are using this art form in unexpected ways during the Shelter-in-Place. In the words of dance artist, author, and professor Halifu Osumare, Ph.D, “Each of us represents a nexus on the historical lineage of Black dancing bodies seeking personal freedom while choreographing collective social change.”

Black dance is an essential component of cultural life in the Bay Area. It remains a vibrant part of the creative landscape whose organizations and artists lead the way in activism art. That said, it is necessary to have a fund specifically designated to ensure the longevity of these groups.

The PUSH for Campaign acknowledges that Black communities are harmed by the disproportionately negative impacts of COVID-19, systemic racism, and police violence. Our mission is to make space for healing by raising funds to assist Black-led dance groups and Black individuals respond to current times as artists.

How to support? First, consider the option of making a donation to the PUSH for Campaign on our website. The other option is to join us for PUSHfest Global where proceeds go to the campaign and the artists.