Raissa Simpson’s PUSH Dance Company Builds Vibrant Contemporary Dances To Gain A Deeper Understanding Of The Challenges Attributed To Mixed Heritage.

About This Project


Through a dialogic process, Codelining  (Coding + Redlining) builds bridges between communities which have often been set against one another in San Francisco’s affordability crisis by bringing together a group made of dancers and technologists.

Adorned with a sense of curiosity, the project studies the steady stream of out-migration facing San Francisco’s African Americans population. The work’s approach to melding dancer-friendly gadgets and motion sensors lends itself to capturing movement for the video projection.

Upcoming Dates

Residencies and Shows

29 May - 5 June Dance Initiative Residency

7 June: Aspen Fringe Festival

Past Happenings

26-27 Apr 2019 : Bayview Opera House

25 Apr 2019 : Bayview Opera House School Performance

28-30 Sept 2018: ODC Theater

14-22 Sept 2018: CounterPULSE Combustible Residency

19 Apr 2018: Bayview Opera House

27-28 Apr 2018: African American Art & Culture Complex

18 Apr 2018: Bayview Opera House School Day

Themes and Exploration

From theme to artistic form, these new media tools assist the group to create a fabricated environment encompassing redlining, gentrification and the digital divide. Above all else, Codelining explores hope and access to technology while acknowledging the real or perceived barriers between artists, technologists, and communities of color.

Each iteration of the project results in the exploration of technology and dance. The project is ongoing but aspires towards the dismantling of gentrification. Codelining is made up of a multicultural group of dancers, artists and technologists with different perspectives on Race, yet a single commitment to producing strategies on empowerment and social change.

Over the course of developing this project, Raissa Simpson will facilitate a multimedia dance between her company and the technology collective, We Inventing the Real.

In sum, Codelining (Coding + Redlining) explores new media tools (motion capture, wireless sensory, projection mapping, etc.) to explore redlining, gentrification, the digital divide, and the real or perceived barriers between artists, technologists, and communities of color.

Afrofuturism and Tech

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  • Léna Alvino
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  • Clarissa Dyas
  • Delvis Friñón
  • Ashley Gayle
  • Niara Hardister
  • Hien Huynh
  • Courtney Hope
  • Noah D. James
  • Arvejon Jones
  • Adonis Damien Martin
  • Jaavon Martin
  • Terrence Paschal
  • Kao Vey Sebastian Saephanh
  • Patrick Secrease
  • Ayo Walker