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Announcement: Jory Horn Scholarship

PUSH Dance Company (PUSH) announces the formation of a new scholarship program in memory of the late Jory Horn.

D  A N  C E    C O M P A N Y

Jory Horn Scholarship

A beautiful soul left us too soon in order to join the ancestral stars in the sky. Jory Horn was a creative being and friend to all who knew him. While his passing (11/19/19) comes as a shock to us, we honor and celebrate his brief and wondrous time here at PUSH Dance Company.

In 2013, while at Sacramento State on a Visiting Scholar award, I had the pleasure to meet Jory as a student and quickly cast him as my lead in the school’s dance production. 3 years later, he joined my ‘Dancing in Sepia’ project as a guest artist with UC Davis students and PUSH Dancers Ashley Gayle and Kao Vey Saephanh. 

The following year, Jory joined PUSH as an apprentice and danced with the original cast of ‘Mothership’ part 1. He was also one of the first scholarship recipients to train with the PUSHLab Performance Workshop, an educational program of PUSHfest. Not only was he an essential component in pioneering this role in the Company, but he also inspired the apprenticeship to what is today.

In honor of his life, we are renaming the PUSHLab Award to the Jory Horn Scholarship for two individuals who epitomize inventiveness and outstanding talent in dance. The award includes a full scholarship to attend PUSHLab and a paid-apprenticeship with PUSH Dance Company.

I send my heartfelt sympathies to the Sacramento Dance Community and condolences to his family at this time. Please join me in remembering the legacy of a dancer, poet and choreographer Jory Horn.

Raissa Simpson
Artistic Director
PUSH Dance Company


There will be a gathering of dance & writing in honor of Jory’s life at 6pm, Monday, Nov 25th. Find more details here:


In memory of Jory Horn.