Raissa Simpson’s PUSH Dance Company Builds Vibrant Contemporary Dances To Gain A Deeper Understanding Of The Challenges Attributed To Mixed Heritage.

  • Embodied Racial Equity Workshops [LINK IN BIO]

The @CalArtsCouncil is offering free online public workshops intended to advance racial equity within the state’s arts and cultural field throughout the month of November. This three-part workshop series was co-created through a partnership with the Bay Area’s @PUSHDance and @DancingAroundRace as part of a pilot project supported by the Government Alliance on Race & Equity’s Innovation and Implementation Fund.

✳️ Thursday, November 3 | How to Begin Addressing the Impacts of Systemic Racism
✳️ Sunday, November 6 | Decentering Whiteness in Education
✳️ Thursday, November 10 | Economics of Race: Intention, Impact, and Consequences
  • CONSTRUCTION starts this week!!!

We’re building a new dance sanctuary in SF and looking for someone to join our operations team! Apply today! [LINK IN BIO]

As we move into the prospect of operating our own dance studio, we need a dedicated Operations Coordinator (PT) who brings sustainable program & project coordination, non-profit administration, payroll and budgeting practices to our growing arts organization. You will manage and train our team allowing us to thrive in a creative and positive environment. You will help steward the coordination and growth of our programs. You help shepard the programming to our stakeholders and the general public. This job is onsite 4-5 days a week with occasional evenings and weekend events.
  • PUSH Forward Round 4 is taking applications—previous applicants and recipients welcome to apply! [link in bio]

PUSH Forward supports dancers, choreographers, teachers, and administrators whose work is based in the exploration and expression of the African diaspora in the San Francisco Bay Area. This small relief fund centers “Recovery” and, for this round, will be distributing funds of $500 to 10 selected individuals and organizations.

Applicants from the nine SF Bay Area counties are welcome to apply:  Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Napa, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Solano, and Sonoma.

Applications due October 18, head to the link in our bio for more information and to apply today!
[💃: Lydia Clinton
📸: Robbie Sweeney
Image Description: A dancer in black tank top and leggings is centered, with green and yellow concentric circles behind her and around her head. She has one leg raised high behind her, bent at the knee with toes curled. By her raised foot are stars. The image contains lime green and black text. 
Text reads:

SEPT 5 - OCT 17

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  • We are so thrilled to announce our 4th round of PUSH Forward—open now through October 18! [link in bio]

With the ability to grant 10 black dance makers/orgs/administrators $500 in relief funds, we encourage both prior and new applicants to partake in our very simple application process. For this round, we are centering RECOVERY, prioritizing individuals and organizations who have been impacted by the current health crises.

For more information on what you'll need and what this is, the link above takes you to our P4C page—complete with application
We cannot wait to receive your applications! Should you have any questions, please reach out to our Program Coordinator, Sean Gonzalez at office[@]pushdance.org
[📸: @robbiesweeny 
Image Description: A man wearing a black and white block jacket with the zipper halfway down his torso. He holds his hands before him angularly, with one palm facing up and the other palm facing the viewer. Arching over and below his upper hand is his afro, short facial hair along his jaw and upper lip, with brown eyes peeking from behind the hands. Behind him is a red background, with concentric circles in varying shades of red surrounding his image. The lower portion on either side of him features yellow text, as well as on his front-facing palm surrounded by more concentric circles, and the very bottom of the image. Text reads:



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  • The HART Application ends TODAY!
Thursday, Sept 1st [link in bio]

This is your opportunity to create and perform your own music, dance and visual art/film. All musicians, dancers, visual and interdisciplinary hip hop artists who identify as Black/African American are welcome to apply. Apply now!

#hiphop #residency #socialjustice #application
HART is a collaborative partnership between Zaccho Dance Theatre and PUSH Dance Company, funded by the City of San Francisco’s Dream Keeper Initiative.

❤️‍🔥Contact erik@pushdance.org for questions
📷: @deekshaphotographs
DEADLINE EXTENDED: [link in bio]
Apply for HART until Thursday, SEPT 1ST, 2022 

All musicians, dancers, visual and interdisciplinary hip hop artists who identify as Black/African American are welcome to apply. https://pushdance.org/hart

HART resident artists will receive:
◉ A stipend of $2000
◉ Access to a dance/recording studio
◉ Mentorship and Workshops
◉ Social Media skill building

#hiphop #residency #socialjustice #application
❤️‍🔥Contact erik@pushdance.org for questions
HART is a collaborative partnership between @zacchosf and PUSH Dance Company, funded by the City of San Francisco’s @dreamkeepersf

Film: What is HART? by @pushdance
  • Hip Hop Workout with Angel
1pm-2pm  at 5M Park [FREE]

This is a fun class for all levels and everybody who wants to move their bodies. Hope to see you there!

Where's 5M Park? It's right next to 447 Minna Street, our future home. 
#hiphopworkout #dance #sfdance #outdoors
  • As summer slowly comes to a close, we have some happy Back-to-School news. Our artistic director Raissa Simpson joins the full-time faculty of the Stanford University TAPS dept.! 

Join us in congratulating Raissa on her latest journey. She'll still be our director of course and you can see her latest work in the winter! ❤️‍🩹
#dancejourney #stanfordtaps #werk

📷: Scott Horton
  • What a joy to witness all the magic of Ashley Gayle as she made her debut as Associate Artistic Director with her new dance piece, "Ascension!" And, thank you for everyone who came out to support our performance at Choreofest last Saturday.

📷: Amal Bisharat Photography

We Create Hope.

Consider making a gift to support our 2023 move-in-date!


Will you join us?

Little things like “hope” really matter to us. As we set out on a journey to create a new space and BIPOC sanctuary, all we had was hope.

Small donations

All tax-deductible donations of any size or amount are appreciated & receive a thank you in our newsletters, website & social media.

Leadership donations

This $1,000+ tax-deductible donation level include naming recognition on our lobby wall and newsletters, website and social media.

In our new space, we’re building:

• An ADA-accessible dance floor
Mirrors and sound equipment
Offices  and wellness programming


Help us reach our goal

Proceeds go through our Growing Sanctuary campaign as we begin to build and cultivate a new home base while simultaneously amplifying the voices of BIPOC artists and communities. Gifts of all sizes and amount are welcome.

When we set out on a journey to create a new space and BIPOC sanctuary, all we had was hope.

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Through a steady stream of partnerships and collaborations, we’ve been able to intersect values found in dance and community engagement. The next logical step in our progression is to enhance our programming  by expanding onto our own floor in the multi-tenant arts hub run by the Community Arts Stabilization Trust.

The BIPOC Artists Sanctuary & Enrichment or BΛSE is the new home of PUSH Dance Company. Growing Sanctuary is our campaign to raise $300,000 for artistic, educational and community engagement during our 2022-2023 season.

3rd Floor Plan


Dedicated to the performing arts, the sanctuary encompasses over 2,400 sq ft with affordable rate access to individual artists, choreographers, community partners, audiences and students. The design is ADA compliant to enhance accessibility for artists with disabilities. The primary focus of space is to serve as a refuge for Black, Indigenous, People of Color and artists.

See what’s happening over at PUSH >> Learn more

BΛSE Vision

This vision includes BΛSE, a monumental endeavor to share reparative and restorative dance practices through classes, workshops, residencies and performances. The exceptional design allows for a convertible studio for large or small gatherings. By supporting us, you’ll be growing a dynamic vision to amplify the voices of BIPOC artists in the heart of downtown San Francisco. Our Growing Sanctuary campaign is a bold step to significantly enhance our programs in a rapidly changing climate.

Raissa Simpson Sanctuary
Raissa Simpson, PUSH Artistic Director at 447 Minna. Photo by Scott Horton.


It started in 2020 with a rigorously orchestrated plan to respond to the George Floyd uprising and the global pandemic.

1. Initiation

Aug 2020 // Raissa engages Victor Gotesman Performing Arts Facility Planning

2. Planning

Oct 2020 // A work group made up of community members is formed to assess the feasibility study and space planning

3. Collaboration

Jan 2021 // Community Arts Stabilization Trust or CAST is engaged as a potential landlord at 447 Minna

4. Soft Opening

Mar 2022 // Popup events and informational meetings in the local SOMA district community.

5. Build-out

Underway (started Aug 2021) // This is where we are now: Development of architecture, renderings and contract work on the 3rd Floor

6. Grand Opening

Early 2023 // Our target date to move into 447 Minna on the 3rd Fl

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    We maximize impact

    Every penny goes towards enriching the lives of artists, children & families. Our total operating expenses currently allow for 85% of our income to go to programming that benefits the community as a whole.

    Everyone is welcome

    Through a compassionate & life-affirming approach to programs based on community input, we intersect dance with amplifying the voices of BIPOC artists.

    Together, we can make a difference. >> Give today